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Emily. 22. Oregon. This is what I love.

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I have Sam digging the trenches to put the conduit for underground power in &¬†got the electrical vault (which hahaha wasn’t cheap i’ll just tell you that right now) Then I just talked with Al my loan officer who is SO awesome and who I had my first loan with when I bought my first house¬†& I’ll be meeting with him possibly Tuesday of next week to go over it. It’s been 3+ almost 4 weeks that I’ve given Dave my contractor my plans and still yet to get a bid. Which losing another month sucks but I know he’s trying to get the best prices for me. Time is ticking though, yikes! The last thing I need to do before starting the building is hiring someone to bring up rock for my pad…and that’s going to be A LOT of rock…phew! So note to self Emily, after this Portland trip/concert thing…NO MORE SPENDING. STAHP IT.

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The South is better.
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Future Little Home Touches