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Emily. 22. Oregon. This is what I love.


Surface Tension by 50D-Ray on Flickr.
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It’s weird…in a little over two months will mark the first time I re-met you (I should say) the first time was when we were little and of course too young to remember. The second time was your uncles wedding and we both didn’t know or remember seeing each other. The third was when my dad tried to introduce me to you when we were near your hanger as you were taking your flying lessons and I was too nervous to go say hi. I wonder what would have happened if we spotted each other then. The most recent was the weekend after thanksgiving. Tree hunting. You helped me cut down my tree (or rather tried haha) who knew you’d turn into my absolute best friend/love of my life. It’s crazy that I had no idea this had been a long time coming type of deal. Well I mean your mom and my dad have been wanting us to meet for forever. Just finding out that your mom wanted you to meet me before you off and moved to portland. You’ve known all along and I had no clue lol. Also that the tree thing was kind of a set up and I had no idea. You said you weren’t going to go but since Id be there you changed your mind. Idk God works in crazy ways and when I was feeling so unwanted and not good enough, he brought someone back into my life when I feel like all these years growing up, he kept placing you there. Funny how things work out huh?

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Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot
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Sunrise Point, Mt. Rainier | by Thomas Franta
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Future Little Home Touches